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My Story

Let me tell you.

I am a culturally sensitive, black mother, who is in a multiracial relationship. I understand that trauma and life can feel hard, lonely, and challenging; and many times it is easy to feel stuck, or like you are in a deep hole that you can’t get out of. Other times, you have difficult decisions to make, and need someone who from outside of your current support system, to listen and help you look at it from a different perspective. I genuinely desire to see people thrive. I have a lot of experience working with REAL people, which equips me with empathy and drives me to treat each client with respect and non judgement. I have worked with youth from low-income communities, and with women who have experienced trauma. I also have experience practicing therapy in both private and in patient settings.

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“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It's our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.”

- Brené Brown -


Felicia works with clients who have experienced trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, perfectionism, self-criticism, stress, intergenerational trauma, relationship issues, family of origin conflict, and domestic violence. She offers individual therapy for teens and adults. She also offers couples therapy to clients who are seeking pre-marital counselling or for those who are wanting to increase communication and work through their relational conflict within their relationship.

Individual Therapy - 50 minutes

Individual sessions are tailored uniquely to each client and aims to help each client feel safe enough to work through their various life challenges. Individual sessions are goal focused, in which the therapist implements various evidence based therapeutic techniques to help clients move closer towards their intended goals. They explore the various concerns, build a wellness toolbox of exercises that can be used both within the therapeutic context, as well as in everyday life, and is challenged to exercise some of their learnings and discoveries in their day to day lives.

Couples Sessions - 60 minutes

Couples sessions aim to assist couples increase their emotional connection and identify their unique communication cycle and understanding their attachment styles. It also aims to help clients establish a deeper bond and work on creating new communication strategies to implement within their relationship. Couples who are dating, engaged, common-law or married can also opt-in to go through the PREPARE-ENRICH assessment tool, which helps to identify areas of strength, as well as growth opportunities within their relationship.



Serving Clients In-Person in Markham and virtually across Ontario.
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